USB Device Not Recognized/Plus Camera


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So one day I was playing a game, hoi4, and I paused it shut my computer off, and left for a few hours. I come back my computer shut but it's still running, I open it and my screen and computer is frozen, so I hard shut down. When the computer is on next thing I know none of my USBs will work, and when I try to use my camera it says I don't even have one when the camera is built into the laptop. I have tried everything I've found about "USB Device not recognized" and nothing seems to work, example updating drivers, restarting computers, uninstalling them, nothing. The mouse works perfectly on other devices and there's 3 "USB Device not recognized" in the device manager so one is my mouse which disappears when I unplug it and the other is my camera, yet to figure out the 3rd. Any help would be sufficient, it's just driving me crazy.