USB device works on windows 7 direct-connect but not through a usb hub

My issue is that I have a usb device that when connected to my Windows 7 machine works just fine, however, when I connect it to a usb hub it does not. When connected to the hub, the device is detected by windows and goes from unknow device to the actual device name and the light on the device lights which it doesnt do if not installed properly.

Has anyone else seen anything like this? Its not that the hub isnt working or that the device cannot be installed. Programs that interact with the device simply cannot when the device is hooked up to a hub.

hi yes i have had this problem here is how i solved it for me

1. go to control panel
2. open system management
3. open devices
4, on the top of the window left hand open "show hidden devices"
5, is there a red cross next to anything? if so go to properties and uninstall driver
6. go to the tree where it shows all the usb devices and uninstall there drivers
7. now reboot windows (windows will reinstall the drivers automatic on boot up make sure you are connected to the internet in case windows searches for drivers online for you)

good luck :)

Thanks for the help, but it didnt work.

Do other USB 2.0 devices connect through the HUB ok if not then it could be an faulty HUB

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