USB Drive disconnects

In the past two days, my external HD becomes disconnected when the sytem sits idle, or after a restart. I can see the drive (D:), click it and it will open - but without folders. If I disconnect and reconnect both the USB and power cables, it will be restored.

I have done nothing new to the system, nor have I installed any software. I did a full virus scan and defrag.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Joe S

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What brand and model is the drive? Are you using USB 2.0 or 3.0?

Maxtor Plus 4, USB 2.0, Windows 7 Pro, Dell XPS 410. As long as I'm working (keeping it active), all is fine. But, as I mentioned, when it sits idle for a while, it stops; even the light goes out.



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Is this the only USB device that you're having problems with? If so, the chipset for the drive enclosure may be bad. If you have access to another computer, try it on that.

This happened to me once. What I did was crack the backup drive open (do so carefully) remove the drive & purchase a new enclosure from Newegg, or better yet, a docking station. Many are USB3, but it's backwards compatible with USB2.

Also, make sure that the proper USB controllers/drivers are installed on your computer. Those that come from Windows Update are often old, sometimes as old as 2001/2002. Go to the OEM of the computer & find the original driver.


Joe S

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Check your power management settings. Some of these drives have green technology that can cause this I've seen it on WD forum. Check and see if there any new drivers for your drive. Look over on Seagate forums in Maxtor section and see if there is an issue with that model drive.

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