USB drive plug in auto to stop?

Okay, I have a big issue with windows 7 even asking me about formatting my device. What if one day I hit yes and everything I have on it is gone? It works just fine, I can access all my files and folders. It tells me I need to format it before I can use it, but it works just fine. No problems in Ubuntu either....thanks a lot microsoft...


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Hi Hexxon,
I'm not entirely sure how to stop the messages (if your running ultimate try group policy editor) but even if you accidently clicked yes there would more prompts to make sure that this is exactly what you wanted to do..
Hopefully one of our other members may know of a way of stopping the prompts..

What would it be under in the group policy editor? I was wondering maybe if there was a script. Even though it may have more prompts the default selection is to format say I get on, have it plugged in or someone else does and they're repeatedly pressing buttons even with two prompts it is still likely to happen. And with such sensitive data on there I dont want to risk it.


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Can you move the files to another location and then let Windows do what it wants. Maybe it will quit asking after that.

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