USB Failure

Upgraded to Vista from XP Home, all was good in the world for a day or so (except the iTunes issues already widely discussed). All at once the USB ports on my Gateway ceased to recognize anything plugged into them. They still provide power, but cannot be used for input. So my printer, thumb drives pc camera and wireless desktop are useless. Had to go by a PS2 mouse and keyboard just to be partially functional.

Anyone els had any issues or have a solution?

I've already uninstalled the driver in Device manager and allowed it to rerecognize during reboot, which it does. But still will not see the attached devices. Have tried the devices on my laptop and they all work fine there.

Little help!

Sounds like you might have an issue with the PC itself. You might want to try a USB, PCI card, and see if that will do you any good

Heres a quick way to tell. This works on some older systems of windows. plug your printer in to any USB thats on the motherboard itself, not the frontpanel. Let the printer finish making its noise and then restart. Once you restart see if the printer goes through its normal tests and noise's. if it doesnt then its a good chance ddrgsd was right and its the hardware itseld. You can probably buy a new USB PCI card at staples or something for around $20.


Figured that it might be a hardware issue. I was already looking at the solution ddrgsd recommended. Only a 6 month old computer, gotta love it. Thanks for the suggestions.

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