USB Floppy Drive, Driver will not install

My USB Floppy Drive was working fine in Windows Vista Business.

After installing Windows 7 Beta, and plugging in the my USB Floppy Drive, Windows fails to install the driver for it. It shows up in Device Manager, but the driver will simply not install...

:D thanks


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I have a similar problem with my internal 3.5 floppy. Windows recognizes the drive, but doesn't recognize a disc that is known to be a good disc when inserted. The drive worked normally prior to windows 7 installation.

looks like we've got no other choice than to use the "Send Feedback" option on the Window 7 desktop and tell Microsoft what we think.......most likely, many others are having the same issue


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You are correct, Hot Dog. I have reported my symptoms through the feedback shortcut. There is, however, no return feedback from Microsoft concerning solutions to any issues reported there. I just wondered if anyone on this forum was having the same problems and if they had found any workarounds. I have read that they (Microsoft) have already received more than 500,000 responses through the "send feedback" channel. I wonder how many different issues are encompassed by these 500,000 responses.


There is one other solution I thought of.....don't know why I didn't try it before, I guess I was just lazy.
Anyway, I have the OEM driver that came with the USB drive. It might be more compatible than the driver that Windows is attempting to install....

I'll give it a try and let you know what happens...

alright, well I'm tired of messing with it...

the "add hardware" feature will not pick up the USB drive, and when I try pointing the wizard to the DVD rom drive with the driver, Windows tells me that the driver is not compatible and to make sure the driver is "32-bit" driver........I'm not going to waste any more time with it.........I'll just send Microsoft my two cents of comments and see what happens....

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