Usb mic wont work only on my machine?

Hi, i have a problem lately with a Samson GoMic (usb) on a dell 17 xps 702.
Sometime ago i disable it trying to resolve a audio monitor issue and since then i'm unable to use it, tried every single trick around from as simple as enable it back to modify registry entries but no luck, it just gives device not recogniced/code 10/couldn't start etc.
Funny thing is that works no problem on others pc with same windows 7.
I reinstalled the system few times since then, latest updates etc but still wont work.
only thing i can think of is that i disabled it somehow for good and it's still that way in some boot partition or else since formatting wont solve it? (updated bios several times as well)

Help please need it for work!



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The first I come to think of is the USB part. If your mic works with other computers > they are ok. Don't really know what you mean by "System", but I might suspect that your mobo may lack something, driverwise. Do other USB devices work properly - WITH the proper speed?

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