USB Ports Not Reading

My USB ports on my computer are not reading anything plugged into them.
This is a big hassle for a laptop user.

More information:

-I'm using Windows 7
-The ports ARE delivering power
-The support site for my computer's drivers and BIOS is in Chinese and all the links and downloads don't work
-I have tried restarting
-I have tried removing the battery and power source for 15 minutes and rebooting
-I have tried disabling my USB controllers and then re-enabling
-I have tried uninstalling all the USB drivers and restarting my computer and having it reinstall them for me.

I have no idea where to go from here. Could anybody help me?


Extraordinary Member
is this a new Laptop? if it is, get onto the warranty team

No, it's about two years old and this problem just started occuring.

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