Windows 7 usb ports not responding...


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Feb 24, 2009
rebuilt my pc about 4 months ago been running xp went ahead and installed windows u7 had its small problems but otherwise ok. Noticed recently it keeps going into sleep mofde where as it never did b4 and couldn't bring it out by just moving the mouse or hitting enter on the keyboard have to hit the power button. Noticed keyboard and mouse ain't workin anymore its a microsoft set I bought about a month ago has been workin fine. No matter what usb port I plug it into nothing... I can get my other mouse to work via ps2. When plugged into usb they are getting power as I can hit the connect button and it lights up to sync the keyboard and mouse to the reciever and it stopps lighting when I press connect to sync em. But still won't work... can't even get it to work in dox to select safemode etc. Any ideas?
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