Usb ports problem

I have a Hp Mini Notebook 3741-TU. at first it worked with no problems, when I insert a usb cardreader to an existing port on the right ports are still working perfectly. but after I was off and I try to insert usb modem was not working perfectly not even a command that the usb is working or not (zero at all). Until now these ports can not be in use. explanation please, thank you.

Ralph Bromley

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Perhaps the port or the device is going?
Could try to fix the port with some epoxy

thank you for your concern sir Ralph Bromley ... I have had several checks in the device manager there but I never found any damage (such as there is usually an exclamation mark) and I've also tried a few times some software to check whether there is a problem ... I still do not find the answer.


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You might check the device manager and see if the ports are showing a yellow mark. I noticed on my system, if I removed a card reader/media incorrectly it would deactivate the port. Some devices do not like using a safe removal option.

Rebooting should help if that happens to be the problem.

thank you Saltgrass co ... In essence all I have done no significant change ... at the position facing the monitor at the Hp Mini Notebook I have two usb which previously functioned perfectly. A few minutes ago I tried to move the USB modem in the usb ports that are left to the right ... still no change even after I update to the driver in device manager. I am tired in recent months has tried to solve the problem......:frown:


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It doesn't appear HP has Windows 7 drivers for that system. If you are using ones supplied in Windows 7, they may not be fully functional.

I suppose all I might suggest is to try the Vista Drivers, but if you are using a x64 version of Windows, they may not be allowed.

Also, all the USB ports may not be of the same standard. I do not remember what my Dell's are, different connections may be different versions of USB.

thank you for your attention ... I'll try a few more times ... regards

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