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So first off i didnt know where to post this so im posting it here. Alright so i upgaded my Sony Vaio VGN-NR310E Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit to Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and everything worked for a night then i woke up and our power was turned off and when it came back on the usb ports all stoped working. Ive tried restoring back to when they were working they worked for like a couple minutes then went back. I then tried the same thing again and they didnt work at all. Ive tried unistalling them in device manager on regular windows and safe mode. Installing a fresh copy of windows isnt going to happen because i have way to much stuff to reinstall and back up so help on repairing this would be greatly appreciated.


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our power was turned off and when it came back on
Are you saying the computer was on when the power went out? Do you think this is related?

When you say upgrade, did you do an inplace upgrade over Vista, or a custom install to have a clean install?

Did you load any drivers for things like the chipset yourself or are you just using Windows 7 ones?

In Device Manager, do you show yellow marks next to the USB devices?

Do you have anything plugged into the USB ports? If so you might try removing it prior to reinstalling the drivers.

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