usb randomly stopped working

ok so i have a big problem. i've been running 7 for some time now, all has been good with no problems what so ever, until last night. my mouse and keyboard stopped functioning, i thought maybe it would pass if i restarted. well that was a big no when i got to the login screen and couldn't type my password. my motherboard has only one working usb port and it's the front, well there's two in the front but one works. now in that i have a hub with my mouse, keyboard, and usually phone plugged in. i've never had any problems with this. i also have a ps2 keyboard plugged in for when i want to boot into ubuntu cause my boot loader screen doesn't like usb neither. now i know my usb works cause i hit f1 to continue and when i get into ubuntu it all works fine. when i login into windows using my ps2 keyboard my usb keyboard and mouse don't even light up. i've also tried system restore to no avail. it seems to say it restored then when i log back in it just says it failed so i don't know whats up with that. i'm not to sure how to fix any peripherals on a computer, via drivers and all that. it's over my head and i can't seem to get this working no matter what i do. the last thing i remember doing before this happened was trying to jailbreak my girlfriends ipod which i just decided to hold off on and never finished. and i know the ports still give out power cause my phone can charge still but i'm not sure why my phone can charge but my keyboard and mouse can't light up. someone pleaseeee help me! thanks in advance


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I don';y think system restore will work, this is a hardware problem.

Did you try threat ports. After restarting your computer it, did;t identify them,. saying found new hardware?

Go to Control Panel > Device Manager,. and look under the Universal Serial bus controllers.

Is there any with a yellow flag?

when i login it doesn't say anything about finding new hardware, i'll check device manager right now and let ya know if anythings sour

well it's worse then i thought.

Network Adapters:
Nvidia nforce networking controller
RASAsync Adapter
Teredo tunneling Pseudo Interface
(IKEv2)(IP)(IPv6)(L2TP)(Network Monitor)(PPPOE)(PPTP)(SSTP)

Communitcations Port (COM1)

Sound, Video, Game Controllers:
Realtek High Definition Audio

Universal Serial Bus Controllers:
Standard enhanced PCI to USB host controller
Standard OpenHCD USB host controller

all have the yellow sign with exclamation mark, and when opened say:
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing (code 39)


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Do you have a CD for your mother board. if not,......................

You're going to have to perform a "clean" install.

You Ill'll need to save all you important documents,. pictures,. music,. videos,. etc to a flash drive.

You'll also need to re-install all your 3rd party applications,.

yeah i was hoping it wouldn't come down to this..damn :/ well thanks for the help. wish i knew how i managed to corrupt all my drivers lol and i don't even have a thumb drive that'll fit all my goodies. this is like a nightmare. guess i'm goin for a literal clean install :/ might just do a clean install of ubuntu, hasn't failed me yet


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Was you girlfriends iPod a USB connection?

Do you see any signs of any Apple software hanging around, like in the Task Manager for Processes or Services? Maybe start msconfig.exe to see if anything there starts up with your computer. If you left something not finished, it may still be trying to connect. If you are using iTunes, do you have the latest?

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