USB storage devices aren't recognized

Hi, I'm having some trouble with my USB. It seems that any USB storage device I plug in either 1) is not recognized at all (no error message or anything), or 2) displays an error message that the device is not recognized, or driver wasn't installed correctly.

This problem seems to pertain ONLY to storage devices. My USB mouse, tablet, and keyboard all work perfectly fine. USB devices with storage can charge through USB, but I can't access the storage.

I've run into this problem on the following devices:
Sansa Clip mp3 player
Canon Rebel T2i DSLR camera
Sometimes USB flash drives (but sometimes they work. Right now a Kingston flash drive worked, immediately after the Sansa Clip not working)

Here are the things I've tried:
-Using different ports, front and back
-Updating my device drivers
-Disabling USB selective suspend in the power settings
-Checking my BIOS for USB storage enabled (didn't really find anything that specific, but everything that said USB was enabled)
-Downloading a storage driver update from my motherboard website
-Unplugging my PC from its power source for a bit
-I've tried uninstalling each of my USB ports in the device manager and restarting (but I don't think I've done them all at once. I think I accidentally uninstalled the mouse one, had to restart, and then uninstalled the other half next)

I'm not sure how long the problem has persisted, or when it started. My husband gave me this PC after using it for about a year, and I think he had USB problems from pretty early on (but he didn't really use it that much). I seem to remember having the camera and mp3 player work at certain times in the past. The camera in particular would often let me open the upload utility once, but then start crashing and become inaccessible. Now it just says device not recognized.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I've attached the export of my PC details. My motherboard is MSI P43 Neo3-F LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you =)

View attachment mypc.txt

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