Windows 7 USB to RS232 Converter


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Hi All, I just hope I'm doing this properly. I have installed Windows 7, latest version. All works very well and better than I expected from a pre lauch beta. I have one problem that I would like to ask about. I have a RS232 / USB converter with a Prolific chip set. Does anyone know of a Drivern that will alolow this copnverter to work with Window 7. I have looked on the Prolific site but have found nothing mentioned. Perhaps there is an EXPERT out there!
Many thanks for reading this thread.

Thanks for the quick reply. Alas, I have treid that already, win 7 says it does not recognise the device!!!
The prolific one works for me in W7 x32 and x64 for 2 usb2ser adapters and a usb gps
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