Use Windows 7 32bit cdkey with 64bit?

I, I bougt windows 7 32 bit when I got my new computer but I didnt install it since a made the wrong order. I was supposed to get a 64bit version.
Currently im going with an XP version but decided to see if I can open up my copy of windows 7 32 homeperm bit and use that cdkey with a 64bit homeperm?

That's why I'm posting here.

Thanks in advance

If I am not mistaken the key can only be activated once

The key is the same and valid for both 7x86 and 7x64. You can reinstall Windows on the same computer as many times as you want because activation pairs the Windows product key with information about your computer hardware. If you make a significant hardware change, you might have to activate Windows again.

If you don't have the 7x64 DVD, then make sure you get the right version for your license - OEM or RETAIL.

I think the OP wants to take his 7-32 activated key to 7-64 system means activating the same key again on a different OS. I was under the impression that is not possible but I may be wrong.

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