User account disabled on Windows 7 log in

I need your help PLEASE... I managed to disable both my user account and administor and now can not log on to Windows 7 from the log in menu... how can I fix?

Please and thank you!!!


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How did you disable the Admin?

Maybe there is a way with a windows rescue cd or with the windows dvd itself - maybe a Live-Linux CD with tool NTPASSWD (if you have deleted your admin password - so far I understood) but anyway - if you have no downloaded DVDs/CDs and no second PC it would be difficult.


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Maybe tap F8 (or whatever your "key" is) at the BIOS screen during boot to get into the Recovery Console via "Repair your Computer". Then run a System Restore?

Thank you for your comments... I will try and let you know the out come. F8 seems to be the way to go from what I undersatand.

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