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Hi All,

I have administrator access but can not change the password on a user account.

I have googled to find answers and can not find a valid answer.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sometimes I get a pop up message saying access denied, other times the password field is grayed out so that I can not change it, yet I can change the admin password whenever I want too.:(:(:(


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Thanks for your reply Kemical, unfortunately that didn't change anything, I still
could not change the password.


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Hi, thanks for the reply.. Try the solution found in this link: What to do if you forget your Windows password This is the actual link within the page: To use an administrator account to reset your password
Hi Kemical,

I have tried this also and it doesn't work as the username doesn't appear in the list, however, when I click on administrators the user is part of administrators.


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Is this an old machine you've purchased? If this is the case then you might need a password recovery app, sign in as that person and then change the password. Password Recovery Tools for Windows

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