User Accounts And homegroup sharing

My problem is this: the administrator account on my computer is also the guest account, so it doesn't have all the priviliges it should, and because it's a guest account it cannot join a homegroup even if i log in with the administrator account, at the same time the other user accounts are not allowed to switch to administrator and i have also tried the net user administrator /active: yes stuff.

Yup, you got yourself a problem alright...

The first thing I don't quite understand is how you even got the admin and guest accounts to refer to the same user account...

The last time I saw a machine that tangled up the only thing that got it going right again was a repair install.

well the thing was that we made the guest account and nobody wanted to be assigned as administrator, so in the early days that we got the computer, it let us assign the administrator to the guest, and we were oblivious to the fact that it would cause a problem. So if I try going to User Accounts in the Control Panel on any of the other 3 user accounts it will not let me switch any of them to administrator AND it will also not let me create a new account because it asks me to name the account, and i type in a name as simple as "sun" (without the "") and it tells me that the name is invalid.

It's repair install time.

This time don't mess with the administrator account.
There is a serparate guest account pre-configured in windows, use it instead.

Could you give me the steps i need to do so i dont mess up again...BTW If i do a repair install will i lose my already existing user accounts and my itunes library? See I discovered this problem when I was trying to do HomeSharing on Itunes and I could see the other computer's itunes library but it could not see me, same thing happens on the Network, I can see the laptop but it cannot detect me, thus we can't do HomeSHARING and that is why we'll need a homegroup.

Ummm... methinks a bit of time reading up on the new windows file sharing is in order...

A repair install is a special feature of the windows installer disk. You get the chance to select it right at the beginning of the installation process, when you boot to the DVD. Read the screens and follow the steps. You will not lose your data files but you may lose some of your customized settings.

What OS is in the laptop?
If it's Vista or XP you can't use a "Home Network" because these older OSs don't understand Home Networking... They do however understand Business Networking (Workgroups) and you may have to change Win7 over to that sharing format. There are lots of tutorials on the net to walk you through this step by setp... Several on this BBS.

My computer is Windows 7, so the first step is putting the dvd in and it will tell you what to do?

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