User accounts not visible


I upgraded from Vista, from which I couldn't see the user accounts, but the users were working well... I couldn't find any fix for this issue, so I let it there. While upgrading, I was hoping this issue would be resolved, but not, user list is still empty, and now all users are marked as Standard (But my account seems to react like an administrator like before, but strange behavior in Process Explorer!) and I cannot change, modify or create user accounts...:frown:

Any suggestions ?

So you did an upgrade rather than a clean install? My suggestion woud be to reinstall but this time do a clean install.. As in format your HDD (or just the partition you wish to install 7 to) then clean install the RC.. ;) I'm certain your problem will be fixed if you do this.. ;)

"Upgrading" is not the recommended way to install an RC.. as it can and does lead to problems like the one your experiencing...

Yes, I did an upgrade from Vista, since the email from Microsoft said we could either clean install, or upgrade Vista ! Since it would take me over two days of reinstalling/configuring the softwares I use, I opted for an upgrade to test this new Windows.
Everything is working fine, just this user account empty list, which is a bug since Vista, so I am encline to think that this bug is still present in Windows 7 ! Wouldn't be better to find a fix for this ? Since I do not know what triggered this bug, it could come back even in a clean install...

Sure it COULD come back in a clean install but not likely.. this is the first report of this "error" that I've seen on this forum.. ;) Also, you said that Vista had this error.. well since you did an upgrade then there's a pretty good chance the error went from Vista into 7.. ;) One of the many reasons a clean install is a much better way to test things like Beta's and RC's..

I agree about the clean install procedure to be "a sure thing" :) But my Vista was a clean install, and it's been only a year I have this computer...
Also, of all the people that will get/buy Windows 7, what ratio will be of people upgradind compared to clean install ? So to upgrade this RC, is in fact, a great test of what will come when the final release will be available !

True, the number of people that will upgrade vs clean install may be greater when the final version goes live... but I bet the number of alleged "problems" will also skyrocket as a result.. (When in fact they aren't problems at all but a result of upgrading instead of performing a clean install.. ;) )

It's definitely a personal choice, I'm not trying to say that it isn't.. I'm simply pointing out the facts.. ;)

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