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I have installed an IP-Camera at home and if you want to connect to it via web interface it asks for a username and password. But only on LAN, with WLAN the interface stays white and it never asks for authentication. Same problem with Windows 8 and 10. On Android it works with WLAN. So I assume it's Window's fault.


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We might nee a bit more information to go on here. First, what is the Make/Model of the computer that you are attempting to connect via web interface to the IP-camera? You mention Windows8, 10, and Android; does this imply that the computer you are attempting to connect with via LAN is not one of these? Is it XP, Vista, Win7?? Please clarify.

Also, if the Computer you are talking about to interface via LAN to the IP-camera is a laptop, you may need to temporarily disable the built-in WLAN (this can be done with a physical slide-switch on the laptop side or front edge or with a keyboard keystroke combo such as <Ctrl-F5> or <Ctrl-F7> [check your laptop owner's manual for correct keystroke sequence]). Just so you know, not all laptops play nice when BOTH LAN & WLAN are running; they tend to get confused on which one is routing and connecting through your wireless router to the device (IP-camera). If you don't have a laptop but rather a desktop, this is still a good idea to only run 1 network interface at a time at least for testing purposes.

If you disable the WLAN on your laptop or desktop and try this and the problem persists, you can try to make sure your FIREWALL PROGRAM is disabled, and then do a full hard-reset on your router. This usually takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes to do. If you have changed the Password on your router from what it was when you took it out of the box and plugged it in, this reset will default and change the Password back to whatever it was when it was new. Consult your owner's manual for this or Google it. If you had any unusual settings in the router, such as Port-Forwarding, or Port-Blocking, those will all be removed along with the new Password. Retest your web interface to the camera. If it works you're done!
**remember to re-enter any Port-Forward or Port-Blocking information after the test is done, as well as re-enable the built-in firewall in the router config**.

If the Firewall and Router Reset don't do the trick, you probably have a problem with the router itself and you may need to replace it. Sometimes, the LAN interface in a router can fail, but the WLAN will continue to work fine. And vice-versa. I've seen both at Client's homes the last 2 years. A good way to tell if you're LAN is working or not, is if you can copy files to other computers on your LAN in your home and print to other printers. If neither of those work; good chance the LAN portion of your router is toast and must be replaced and should fix the problem.

If it doesn't, you could have either Windows corruption on the computer, or viruses (have you scanned for those on that computer that won't connect w/o Username/Password?), or coincidental hardware failure (bad hard drive, RAM, etc.).
At this point it's a good idea to run tests on your hardware before you attempt something more drastic such as a WINDOWS RESET or WINDOWS REINSTALLATION. There are also Windows repairs you can attempt. Those are commonplace and can be googled.

Post back your information and we can advise further.



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It works fine with LAN(Wifi disabled) on Win7,8.1 and 10. But if I disconnect LAN and enable Wifi it won't work (normal web browsing works just fine but connecting to another device in the local network is not possible, printing and file transfers sometimes work) But with Android it works over Wifi just like it does on the PCs with LAN. There are no Firewalls enabled (router, PCs). I tried reseting and flashing a new firmware on the router, but nothing helped. I think there is some Windows problem restricting access over wifi although the firewall is disabled.