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I use Vista 32 business SP2.
When I copy a file to program files folder replacing old file the file date is changed but the contain is ever the same!
Why is possible?

I don't understand the question. Please elaborate.

In the program files folder I've a database file and I must upgrade it.
2 procedure:
-I move the new database and replace old
-I cancel old then move new
when I open the database internal date are ever old!!


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Hi greborior,
could post a screenshot displaying what you mean exactly...


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Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but can you not renew database from within the program that initially created it?


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My eyesights poor can't even see snapshot. Perhaps we are going about this wrong. Have you tried giving the command to "REPLACE" file, instead of delete or cancel it ? It would help, what program are we talking about ?

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Program files folder

The PDF file contains images of the problem but maybe my English is very wrong then I repeat:
In c:\program files\myfolder folder exists a file database called myDB.edb.
In another PC I modify a copy of myDB.edb then I move this file to c:\program files\myfolder. Date and size of the c:\program files\myfolder\myDB.edb are changed but when I open the database the internal data are same as old file!
Note: I've administrator privilege on the destination folder.

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