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Jan 14, 2009
I have a hidden WEP Wireless network, that Windows XP and Ubuntu connect to no problem. So i try and connect to it in Windows 7, I enter the SSID and then after a while it asks for a username and password. But I don't know what that is. I have tried SSID and WEP, WEP and WEP, username and password for the router settings, even my Windows 7 Username and Password. Can someone tell me what the Username and Password will be, and where to get that info. Any help will help, PLEASE someone help me.

Is that for the router ?
If it is Linksys, type admin, no password required. If it is Netgear the it is admin and 1234
You might need to get in to the software. If you have not altered the defaults, this should work.
For the Linksys
start your Link Removed and jumping into the configuration.
Once your web browser is open, go to the URL Link Removed. This will take you to a popup box which asks you to enter a username and password.
Link Removed The username is either blank or "admin" and the default password is "admin"

For Netgear.

Type Link Removed in the address field of your browser. Enter admin for the user name and password for the password, both in lower case letters

Those are the only two I have in use. You will have to browse to check on any of the other varieties.


hey, thanks for the fast post. I have some random Speed Stream Router, I have tried the used name and password that I use to edit the router settings but that doesn't work (So what you are suggesting isn't the problem). I am just trying to get a normal internet connection (Normally this is the part where it will ask for the WEP key). I click the wireless button, then other network, enter SSID and connect. Nothing special nothing. Windows 7 has no internet so currently I am in Xp.

just wondering sicne you mention the WEP key...did you go to the properties for that conection and make sure encryption is WEP, and did you enter the WEP key there?

Try to manually create the network with the WEP key and everything entered. Usually you should not receive that screen it is quite odd why you would be. If manually creating the wireless network does not work please post back and we can think of something else.

Once the network is there it has all of the properties, it says it is WEP, Excellent signal all of that. I don't know how to manually connect to a network. I just click other network in the Wireless manager and go from there. I will go back to Windows 7 and try again, and post back on any news. Thanks for the help.

I connected. I did a manual connect. Thanks for the help.

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i have the same problem here with my windows 7
what did you do to make it work? (manual connected) i dont understand wath you mean with that?
please reply