\Users\ directory deleted pls help to restore

I have somehow managed to delete the \users\ directory from my admin profile in windows 7.
Forexample previously I had C:\Users\John\Start Menu\Programs.... now I only have C:\John\.... This means I lost all my shortcuts my "roaming directory" etc. The system is still running but many programs are looking for directories they can't find... in other works \Users\ is most likely there, but not accessible by the admin (or any other) user...
Restore does not help!
Any suggestions barring re-installing the operating system?

Restore from a file backup (or image) provided you included the Users directory tree!?

I do :)

I don't, but thanks for trying


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Since you state a Restore did not work, this may not work either, but add a Users Folder to the root directory, then right click and select Restore Previous versions.

If that doesn't work, you might want to open an administrative command prompt and type the following command.

sfc /scannow

Hit enter and keep your fingers crossed.

To open an administrative command prompt, type cmd in the Start Menu search box and hit CTRL+Shift Enter

An oh, I forgot to suggest checking the Recycle Bin..

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Hi Saltgras,
No luck with Recycle Bin, but that is most likely explained by the next line,
I tried to add Users to root, but system said Users is already there, do you want to merge...this, suggests, that Users is NOT deleted, but can't be seen due to userprofile?/privileges?/security?, but I am in admin mode!!
Trying scan now...is 77% complete...waiting...waiting..finished with message: "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."
Thanks for help, any further suggestions?


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If you have not done so already, go into folder options and set the View to see hidden and system folders.

Do you use any special file utilities that might have changed some of the folders properties?

Do you have any idea what happened when the folder disappeared?

Were you doing anything aimed at moving the libraries?

Hi Saltgras,

Again thanks for your advice. I went in to switch on all directories, and, yes, \Users\ came back....I was very stupid not to think of that myself...but, thanks...
Now I can also see all the icons, that had disappeared (although they are greyed). Why they are greyed is probably a question of access privileges, so I work on that now. In hindsight I must have twiddled something relevant to privileges, and with the file hidden, it looked as if I had lost my \Users\ branch of the directory.
If you have any more great ideas, pls let me know....once again thanks for your help.


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I have a really good idea---stop twiddling...;)

You got it....I've learned a lesson....all greyed areas are now clear...all systems are go..


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While it's shown - select Properties on the Users folder and change the attributes to exclude being hidden, Click OK.
Now go and set all the other system folders back to hidden, as we wouldn't want to mess anything else up ;) :)

Thanks for good advice....


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No problem :)
Thanks for using the Windows 7 Forums, I hope to see ya around ;)

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