Using Active Directory users without joining the domain to share a folder

the problem is
i want to share a folder for specified people and OU from my work domain on my laptop that is not a part of my work domain and will not be able to join due to the security policy of the company ...

is there a way to do that ?



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You won't be able to share with an OU that the laptop is unaware of. You may get this to work by trying this;
Use the netbios portion of the domain name for your laptop's workgroup name, if your domain name is MyDomain.lan, then make your laptop's workgroup name MYDOMAIN.
Then add one of the OU members username and password to the local "users" group on your laptop, grant the local users group appropriate permissions to the share on the laptop and test to see if that domain user can access the share.

thx but didnt work

in fact everything got messy
after restarting only that user were able to connect and only for a short period of time and after that it couldnt connect either
the passwords were the same and permissions were set

i have this question that isnt there a way to get the active directory users ? i.e. in some hardwares (microtik routers etc) there is this possibility to get that info ( i.e for trafic shaping) and that device wont join the domain ... so why there is no way i cant use that info? i can access to administrative permissions temporarily if its needed ...

please make it happen

sorry for typos

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