Windows 7 Using alternative IPv4 configuration on Windows7


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Mar 23, 2009
I connect my laptop installed windows7 to my Windows server 2003 domain with DHCP Server installed, it's ok.

My IP configuration as below:
- Automatic IP and DNS config (to using DHCP Config)
- Alternate configuration:
IP: / Subnet mask: Gateway: / DNS Server 1: / DNS Server 2:
My Laptop:
- Windows 7 beta 7057, Realtek RTL8139/810x NIC

When i turn off my Server and try to restart my laptop, it can't using alternate configuration to connect to the network (without DHCP server running). I've tried many times, the problem still be there.

I see the IP configuration by using Ipconfig command that my IP is 169.254.0.xx (not is my alternate configuration), so i cant access to the internet.
What is problem here? How can i use alternate config for my laptop to connect network if my DHCP is down?
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