Using an externet router to broadcast wifi...

Alright, I've been trying all day to pull this off, but I don't know how. The info of what I have:

1. The internet I currently have is a Cricket EDVO Rev.A USB Wifi(?) Dongle. (It's a Dialup connection, yet somehow broadband.)
2. It's a piece of crap.
3. Windows 7 detects it as an active internet connection.
4. I've tried bridging it and Local Area Connection, doesn't work.
5. The external router is connected via ethernet cable to the laptop. It's also broadcasting it's own signal, but that signal has no internet connection.

What I need to know is how to get the connection using the Netgear router to use the Cricket connection as it's own connection. Now, I tried using the Bridge Network thing, but whenever I have both Local Area Connection and Cricket EDVO Connection #2(No idea why #2), but when I right click, the Bridge Connections option doesn't even show up. Why, I don't know. What I'm essentially trying to do is get the Netgear Router to broadcast the Cricket connection. The router IS Wireless enabled, as it has a big, black antenna sticking off of it.

Any help is welcomed, and I can provide more info as is needed, if you tell me what you need. Screenshots can also be provided.

Um...bump? Any help please?

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