Using links in IE8


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Hope someone can help! Have just got new machine running windows 7 and IE8 with google toolbar.

On several websites I can't seem to get links to work. Examples include not being able to open a bus timetable on stageoach site, not opening booking details on easyjet, and not being able to go to the quote section on tesco car insurance.

The links look normal but clicking on them does nothing. I've tried holding ctrl when clicking on links, but no use. Pop ups are blocked but this seems unrelated to the current problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Are you getting any messages about needing an add-on or enabling pop-ups? Perhaps you need a flash or java utility. Sometimes pop-ups are necessary, but look around and see if something might be popping under where you can't see it.

Do you see a icon on the bottom of the page which might give more info if you click on it?


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Thanks for help so far. Have tried compatibility mode and no luck. No messages when trying to open links. The address of the link appears at the bottom of screen but nothing else happens at all.