Using Windows 7 on two pc's

I have a desktop pc and laptop. The desktop pc is using windows 7 home (OEM version) and i want to use windows 7 home on the laptop as well. If i install windows 7 on the laptop, what will happen to windows 7 on my desktop pc??

Joe S

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First an OEM is nontransferable it's tied to the machine. Second you need 2 licenses.

i do have 2 licenses with the oem copy of win 7. one of them is used on the desktop pc but can i use the other license on the laptop without win 7 stop working on the desktop pc as it is the same copy of windows 7???

When you buy an OEM copy of Windows 7 you get one licence. Once you install Windows 7 and activate it, that licence is tied to that machine, you cannot use it again. You can install Windows 7 on the laptop, but you won't be able to activate it using the same product key that you have used on the desktop machine. You can use Windows 7 for 30-days before you are required to enter a product key. You'll need to purchase another Product key, which can be done online in a matter of minutes. Just install Windows 7 using the disc you used on your desktop (Without entering a product key) and once finished, go to activate windows, when it asks you how you want to enter a product key, select buy a product key online.

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