Using Wireless & Wired @ once

Hi all,

My house has both a Wired and Wireless Network installed and on my HTPC I have a Gigabit NIC Onboard and a 108Mb Wireless USB Stick fitted, both Network devices are configured to access the Networks however I am wondering which one is default and I am wondering if one cannot keep up with the demand will the other one kick in, I think the Wireless one is the default because its what comes up when I hold my Mouse Pointer over the Network Icon on the Tray.

Thanks for all the help, cheers.

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First. this is a very silly way to work.
connecting 2 network cards to the same network?
you can't connect using both , only 1 will work.
the one that is connected first will be dominant.

Hi jubai,

Thanks for the reply, the WiFi is now gone, I was wondering if both would work together simply for faster transfer speeds on the network as allot of stuff is streamed to the HTPC for viewing from Different PC's on the Network (some wired and some WiFi).

I just didnt know if both Network controllers could work togeteher, thanks again.


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