VAIO BSODs mostly 9f and 3b - diagnosis help needed

My Vaio VPCS13V9E laptop (Win7Pro) has worked without issue for 12 months but is now blue screening 2-3 times a week. I'm now at a loss as to waht to check / try next - and really need some help!

Errors are are most often 9f DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE, occurring while machine is left in sleep mode. On opening the screen to wake it up, it is clear that it has rebooted sometime earlier (confirmed by bugcheck messages and events log).

Have also got 2x 3b SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION while using Slingplayer v2.0 (which has also functioned fine for 12 months previously).

One of the first errors seen was a c2 BAD_POOL_CALLER (don't remember the circumstances).

Beyond ntoskrnl.exe, BlueScreenView has pointed me towards afd.sys, vwififlt.sys (on the 3b's) and ndis.sys on the c2. For all the 9fs, only ntoskrnl.exe is listed.

WinDbg gives pci.sys as a 'Probably caused by' for all but one of the 9f's (the other one seems to point to usbhub.sys).

I have run a Windows Check Disk, Windows Memory Diagnostic and sfc /scannow with no errors reported.

Looking back at the list of installed programs, I can't see anything significant that changed shortly before the sequence of BSODs began (updates for Quicktime and Flash / Google Earth plugins were the only things immediately before).

Antivirus is MSE, no 3rd party firewall is used and Windows is up to date via Windows Update.

I have attached a zip of all the other info listed in the sticky on how to ask for help.

All help on how to resolve this gratefully received.



A week on and it looks like you might have pinpointed the problem. Since upgrading the Advanced-N 6200 AGN driver seven days ago, no bluescreens. I've had problem-free intervals of a week in the past, so I'll keep monitoring for the next couple of weeks and post back either way.

Armed with your diagnosis, I went hunting BSODs associated with this driver and found this on a Sony board. A very similar pattern of errors on VAIO, solved with a change of the 6200 driver (in their case, a rollback).

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the speedy help you offered has found the whole problem. Many thanks for the assistance - it's really appreciated.



Noob Whisperer
Hello Robert, good to hear from you again especially since your post seems to be positive.
Fingers crossed here too.
Troubleshooting Blue Screens can be a bit of a crap shoot just like updating or rolling back drivers, but you need to start someplace. Hopefully we got lucky.
Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with that information and of course if Blue Screens should reoccur, we'll be here waiting.

Another two weeks on and I think we can say that this case is closed. No Blue Screens! Once again, many thanks. Imagine if paid-for tech. support was this good...
Best wishes


Noob Whisperer
Great news Robert. Thanks for the followup.
All the best

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