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I downloaded a video from YouTube which has a ∆ symbol before and after the title. When I look for it in the download location where it should be, it's not there, yet it it must actually be there, because when I selected it in my browser's download manager's list, the movie does play.

I have the OS set to show all hidden and protected files, so I'm assuming that the ∆ symbol has something to do with the problem. Does anyone know precisely what this means, and more importantly how I can see the file so that I can put it where I want it?


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Well, I got the biggest part of the problem solved, even though it didn't appear in the file manager that I normally use (FreeCommander), it did appear in Windows Explorer. I renamed the file, getting rid of those odd symbols, but when I then tried to locate the file in FC, but it froze and I had to kill it with the Task Manager. After restarting it, the file is now visible in it also. It still leaves me wondering what those symbols mean?


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UTF-8 has support for ancient Samaritan. There is absolutely no way to know what that is. Seriously. You'd need a language character expert to figure it out.


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Didn't see Samaritan, but just about everything else. Your list shows that it is the Greek capital letter delta, but unless the video uploader only added those for "eye candy, I still don't know why they were there, because the title is in English. I think that the uploader just thought they were nifty...I don't. Apparently FreeCommander doesn't support as great of a character set as Windows Explorer does.

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