Windows 7 Velvet Assassin - error when i open (cracked)

Hey man, I do hope you're inteding to "buy" a legal copy off velvet assasin!!

You do realise that people who pirate games are killing Pc gaming don't you!!

Have you not noticed that supermarket's are pulling Pc games from there shelves, or are you blind to the fact that "epic games" have refused to release "gears of war 2" for pc because the last one was so heavily pirated.

Also crytec have publicaly stated that they will no longer be creating "high end" or "pc only" titals due to piracy???

now dont get me wrong, I'm no left wing do-goodder. I myself use file sharing and beleive it to be a fantastic way to empower the consummer against overbearing uber corperations.

That said If I download a game and use it, I will buy it as soon as I am able. This is what I like to call "responsible file sharing"

Pc games arn't expensive (there still cheaper than consols atm) and If your really skint you can allways wait for the sales! (I braught gt evolution in a sale in "game" for £2.99!!! the other day, so really there is no excuse!!

Please, if you like PC gameing don't ruin it by file sharing games. otherwise we'll all end up having to get x boxes or playstations!!

If u love ur Pc you need to support it by "buying games" otherwise the big names like Ea and such will simply stop realesing there best games on pc, and this is allready starting to happen!!!
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