Ventrilo installs but won't connect

Win 7 build 7000. Using Ventrilo build for windows 7 64 bit. Same system booting off XP drive shows vent server up and can connect. Boot to win 7 and can ping server but can't connect. I have tried the session reg fix ( session was not listed anyway). firewall shows Vetrilo as set up with x's in boxes for home network.

Anyone get this to work? some details would help :eek:

hmm did not try XPSP2 compat mode (yet)

PC is at home 3 hours away with no RDP atm., When I ran the troubleshooting on the program Windows 7 7000 64 bit did not suggest xp compat mode, only differeing Vistas whichh did not work. When I bowse to this file exe will I find a XPSP2 on the comp.mode tab? making me think maybe I should uninstall and install XP 32 bit Ventrillo version and try XPSP2 compatibility mode if it is there. :rolleyes:

Vent port fumble fingered

once corrected works fine with 64 bit vent client.:razz:

Hrm, You fumbled the port #? I seemt o be able to conenct but it says my username/pass is incorrect. I've tried using windows Vista Compat, same issue.

I've double and triple checked all the settings as correctly entered.

Running 7100 x64 and x64 3.0.5 Ventrilo Client

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