Verisoft vs Norton Identity Safe

I have Verisoft Access Manager installed and running on my HP Vista laptop. Also have Norton Intenet Security installed. At times, a popdown Norton ID Safe wants me to set that up. Has anybody compared Verisoft to Norton ID Safe? Presently, Verisoft works fine and dandy for me, as I only want website signin info (User/password) to be auto. I keep credit card info and other sensitive info secured only in non-C:/drive files on external HD's. Just curious about Norton ID Safe experience.



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For me personally, I'll stay away from any Norton (Symantec) products at this time. My PC came preloaded with Norton (60 day trial), so I used it. For lack of knowledge I didn't know any better. Then my system slowed down to a crawl, come to find out it was Norton and it's bloated apps running in the background cutting my system performance in half. So I went with the free stuff from the web. Now I have been lighting fast ever since. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking Norton. Norton was a great product back in the day before Symantec bought them out. To each his/her own. There are some out there that swear by it and others that hate it just as much. Although I have heard that Symantec is working on a version that will act like the the old Norton version but have that modern look and feel. If they can pull that off I give it another shot. Until then I'll stick with the free stuff.


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Same here really... I used to swear by Norton (2002) but they just got too intrusive and resource greedy.

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