Windows 7 Very bad networking issue


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See networks but unable to connect

-Win7 build 7000 can see my network, but can not connect. Hardware has connected and run perfectly fine on winxp. Router also has 4 other computers and a wii connected to it. One computer runs vista 32bit.
-I've tried to run Vista Ultimate SP1 on the same desktop, however the symptoms are the same. Sometimes, I can get the vista drivers to rin in Win7 for the adapter, but it still will not connect, and sometimes win7 will just freeze up after loading with the driver loaded. I can't uninstall, so I need to just reinstall the OS every time.

Win7 build 7000
AMD 3800+ X2
Netgear WG311T
2gig ram

Buffalo Nfiniti WRZR2-G300N

I've also tried loading into Vista with the Vista drivers. The manufacturer software is garbage and does not register anything really, and the windows software just spews random errors. (No response, timeout, etc).

This is not a router issue, since there has been other Vista machines running on it. Supposedly, people have gotten the WG311T to work in Vista/Win7, but their methods are not working for me. Tried dumping winsock, ipv4, ipv6, disabled the windows firewall. I'm out of ideas.
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