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    I'm new here so I'm sorry if this isn't the right area to post this. About a week or so ago while playing League of Legends, everything was fine, finished playing several games and I've been playing the same game for several weeks everyday with no issue at all until once I joined a new game and shortly after it started my computer froze, very buggy sound through my head phones (no clue how to say it), then it'll give me the screen that my computer is going to sleep then finally a blue screen. The blue screen I am experiencing is STOP: 0x00000116, and the file is atikmpag.sys. I've searched all over Google and just about all the threads I came across blamed drivers. Firstly I contacted a friend about this issue and he suggested to download CoreTemp, MSI Afterburner, and GPU-z. I started up Mass Effect 3 which surprisingly didn't blue screen during a match so I just played the match and then looked at the temperatures once the match was over. My CPU would never go past 50C and my graphics card would never go past 65C so I knew right away that overheating wasn't the issue. I resorted to a full windows re install. I re installed windows (which for some reason made my computer unbearably slow), updated to the latest drivers, and installed Diablo 3, and was able to play for 15-20 minutes until receiving a BSOD, which frustrated me even more because I just bought the game. So I reformatted my hard drive, installed Diablo 3 and once again receieved the same BSOD shortly after playing. :( So far the only games I have experienced this with is League of Legends and Diablo 3. Overheating isn't the issue and uninstalling drivers and updating to the newest ones surely didn't help.

    I did run the program Driver Sweeper which basically screwed up my display which was one reason why I formatted my hard drive.

    PC Spec's:
    XFX Radeon HD 6850 Black Edition
    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Quad-Core 3.4GHz
    Asus M4A89GTD Pro Motherboard
    G.SKILL Ripjaw 4GB RAM
    Corsair 750W PSU

    Please I'm turning to you guys for help because I've been at this for a week now, and need some help to make sure I don't end up returning my graphics card without needing to, all help is appreciated!

    (Note: The same BSOD (STOP: 0x00000116 and atikmpag.sys) came up ever single time, no two were different)

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