Very high response time

I've just moved from an apartment where I used to have a 100mbit fibre connection and at my current place I've got a 15mbit/1mbit connection. The problem is that I have an extremely high ping and it's definitely a local problem since another machine (running XP) has a normal ping of 10ms to the local station we measure with. I had about 500+.

If I enter Safemode with networking everything is fine and my ping is really low. Therefore I thought it could be something with the Firewall so I turned them off (Win7 FW + Comodo 64bit Internet Security) but there was no difference.

I tried disabling Nagle's algorithm but it didn't do any difference either.. And, well, now I'm kind of out of ideas. Anyone want to share some with me?


P.S.: I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits

Oh and also, before I moved I was playing around some with Nagle's algorithm (instructed by but without any results at all.. I found that page again and I'm pretty sure I have undone everything I did that time. The steps I followed was "Gaming Tweak - Disable Nagle's Algorithm"

Here's my speedtest results:

Problem solved, obviously my Comodo Firewall was causing some problems and when I had uninstalled it, everything worked like a charm.

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