Very Interesting!

Agreed. It will be interesting to see where this goes and what spawns as a result of this.. ;)

I know I'm getting old and my eyes are weak... but did that say handjob at 2:15 ?

The most interesting thing about that video is how obvious it is that India is kicking our technology asses.

Has anyone read about Indias purchase of 403 metric tons of gold from the IMF a few weeks ago? That's equal to about half the gold we have stored in Ft. Knox.

Lol, interesting indeed. : )

I reckon a couple of years ago Intel was about to launch a 32 core project, each core capable of processing 4 threads simultaneously, such Hyper-Threading x 4.

Apparently the cores on this are bread from the same stock that was used to make Pentium II/III cpus with a massive die shrink you may have 48 cores but they run at ridiculously slow speeds but are highly parallelized so increase throughput

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