Very low fps with a GOOD nvidia card...

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  1. I recently purchased an XFX GeForce 6200 graphics card to replace my older GeForce FX 5700 Ultra. When I ran WinXP Pro with my older card I was getting a steady 60FPS in Team Fortress Classic and a solid 30-35FPS in Counter-Strike Source. Now I'm getting 20-30FPS in Team Fortress Classic and 7-15FPS in Counter-Strike Source. I'm just curious to know if it's the operating system, or perhaps the vista drivers (yes I have the latest drivers installed 96.85). Windows Aero works flawlessly and I'm really happy about that, but not happy about the low fps in my games. If it is VIsta I will definately re-install WinXP until better drivers come out, but if it's something else, please induldge me. I know I'm not supposed to be getting crazy high fps in my games with this card, but it's definately supposed to out-perform my other one. Thank you in advance for the replies.
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    I dont know, why you have dropped performance. I have the old good AGP GF6800GT and when trying Splinter-Chaos Theory, all is faster. Loading, FPS and gameplay is smoother than in XP. I know so this dont help you, its only my situation.
  3. I'm getting the same thing. I'm starting to wonder if it is the OS, but I don't know yet. Been google searching around for answers, but nothing yet. I used to get 50-70 fps on XP running an 8800 GT OC and 2 gb of ram, now I'm getting anywhere between 10-50 fps. 10 if I'm in a firefight, 50 if I'm looking at a wall. And I just upgraded my ram to 3 gb too. It's all very frustrating. I'm also running a 64 bit version of Vista Home Premium, so who know.
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    Your graphics card should have a newer driver than 96.85.
    According to the Nvidia site it should be 175.19

    GeForce Release 175

    or the beta 177.92

    NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Advanced Search

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