very strange application started along with my computer today


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This morning when turning on my computer, I sat and watched as everything loaded. The usual utilities associated with ATI catalyst software, my Kaspersky security software, the weather channel app. But then this one started, and the only thing I could see on the taskbar looked like an open application such as Word - and a title of MyOleComputerWi..., and a small black square maybe two inches square on the screen. This ran for approximately 3-5 seconds. Before I could check to see what it was it was gone. When I searched for any file/application name on the computer that contained the words MyOldComputer nothing was found. What is this and should I be concerned.


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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Sounds a bit like a DOS batch file or perhaps a script running that may perhaps be responsible for mapping a shared resource, perhaps on your network. You might take a look in your startup directory, and see if you have anything there that might be loading at startup. Additionally typing
msconfig into the search or run dialog box and checking the start tab might show something. Or
You may want to try AutoRuns and see what that might reveal.
Keep us posted.

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