Very strange issue while playing game, see screenshot


Every now and then while I play a game in full screen, I get this very annoying search box thingy (see screenshot). I'm guessing I'm pressing some sort of key combinaison for this thing to appears?

It's so annoying, I don't know what to do. Say I'm playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 in full screen, then all of a sudden It goes into windows mode then I get this search box thingy. When I go back under the game and I hit ANY key at all it freaking re-appear and type whatever I was doing in it.

if I click somewhere else, it dissapear. As soon as I get back in game and type a letter it appear again.

What is this? Anyone can help me? :/

Images: see next post, I can't post an images on, my first post

Here's the images for better understanding. Thanks you.


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