Very Strange - Windows 7 Backup/Network Error


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Ok here is my situation.

3 PC's all running Windows 7 Ultimate

1 Desktop connection via wire to router
2 Laptops connected via Wireless (Linksys wrg54g)

All 3 PC's are visible on all 3 PC's via the Homegroup in Windows Explorer. I can browse/copy/write files on all 3. All sweet. All 3 can print to the 2 Printers connected to the Desktop.

Laptop A is configured to Backup using the Windows 7 Backup to the Desktop. This works fine.
Laptop B however when trying to backup to the desktop I get an error message after I have selected the Drive in the setup screen and I've entered my username/password credentials

The error code is 0x80070043

I've tried everything and I'm quite experienced.

Both laptops for all intents and purposes are identical.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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