Very weird problem, laptop is reproducing exterior sounds.

Hey so on my dads laptop theres a very weird problem going on

A month back or so i was using it and i inserted a headphone cable and then i removed it and after that the laptop starterd weirdly reproducing sounds from the exterior out loud (me speaking, me playing the guitar etc)

In this video i tried to show you the problem bbut it didnt work out very well but anyway here it is

can you pls help me thx



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Try opening sound settings and check and see what the Recording tab has set as default.
Try setting it to something else and see if the problem goes away.

If it does, then try setting it back to the default setting, probably Microphone.
See if the problem comes back.

If it does, try changing it to something else rebooting and then changing it back again.

If that doesn't work, uninstalling the sound device in Device Manager, and rebooting will force Windows to detect reinstall and configure it back to default settings.



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you right about that, mike … i've got klipsch promedia 2.1 alternates to supplement my laptop speakers … gotta' turn off the mic before plugging 'em into the side port. if not … the feedback loop propels my ears over the top. i keep screen-caps of the configs … in case i forget the settings or if something goes awry.

in case others are thinking about logitech (sux really) or other brands … save your money for the klipsch setup.

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