Very wierd internet connection bug.


I am running on Win 7 x64 since 8 month.

Everything was fine until 4 days ago...Since then my internet connection comes and go...

It's hard to explain...but all of a sudden my browser lose connection and I can't connect with either Messenger or Pokerstar for exemple. As if I've been disconected.

The wierd thing is sometimes it comes back for a few minutes...then again goes away...

It may be a trojan of some sort since I did used some "dangerous files" recently (I know...I should not).

But i did run a AVG scan and...nothing...

I use a routeur/box connected in LAN but I don't think it has anything to do with the problem because for exemple if I lanch a won't cut the matter what....during the time of the download....but after some period of inactivity or if I'm just browsing....I lose the connection.

If anyone has any ideas....This is driving me crazy.

(Note: after a reboot the connection always works again).

Thanks in advance!

It's probably your router timing out, mine did this for a brief period with my ISP, however I bought a new router and the problem fixed itself. It could also be ports as that can affect it too.


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Check device manager, expand network adapter, select your adapter, right click and choose properties, look under the power management tab, uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

Check services.msc (just type that into the search box and hit enter) maximize the services console and look for something like this
"##Id_String2.6844F930_1628_4223_B5CC_5BB94B87 9762 ##" should be near the top if it's there double click, choose stop and set the startup type to disable. Also look for the Bonjour service and do the same.

Type ncpa.cpl into the search box and hit enter, on the resultant page select then right click your network adapter and choose properties, on the resultant dialog box uncheck IPv6

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your network adapter as well as the latest firmware update for your router, in both cases check the manufacturer's website for these updates

If you suspect a problem with malware you might consider augmenting AVG with MalwareBytes and Spyboot Search and Destroy, download and install both (in spyboot deselect TeaTime during setup) run the update feature inside both programs, then reboot your computer in safemode and run both, in the case of MalwareBytes choose full scan.

If you think that the problem was a result of something that you did "4 days ago" then perhaps a system restore, prior to that time may help. Keep us posted.

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Ok I did a few MalwareButes and Soyboot scans.

They found each 10/15 infected files/registery!

After a little clean up Everything seems to be working fine now.

Thanks a lot!


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Good to know you seem to have it sorted out and thanks for posting back. One more suggestion....and this is only my opinion, which you can certainly feel free to completely ignore...but,
I used to be a big BIG fan of AVG, as a matter of fact one of the companies I did a lot of contract work for, was an AVG reseller so needless to say it went on practically everything.
I have since started using Microsoft Security Essentials (another free for personal use product) and I have found it to be a good product with a smaller install foot print, as well as a lot less demanding on system resources overall.
So you might consider it as an alternative to AVG, if so make sure you completely remove AVG and reboot in advance of the installation and perform a full system scan right after you do the update to the most recent signatures. (Actually that last part is pretty automatic, except for the full scan, I think it just does a Quick Scan automatically after the install)

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