VGN-CS108E Unknown Webcam

My webcam hasn't been getting recognized by any application, and when I looked under Devices and Printers it showed up as "Unknown Device". I ran a troubleshoot on it and it tells me that it's been stopped because it has reported problems (Code 43).

It's not the first time it happens but the last time I really don't know if it was an actualization or something I did.


Update the motherboard bios, update the chipset drivers from chipset manufacturer's site (or motherboard site), then update the webcam driver from the manufacturer's site.

All in that order.

When i try to update the driver this window opens:

Yeah, that's normally caused by bad installation media or a corrupt installation file.

I tried uninstalling the software and it told me that it's not compatible with windows 7. But I've used the webcam before with this operating system

No need to uninstall anything. Just need to follow the 3 steps I've said.

I tried and it didn't work

Think of it like this:

You're on a desert island and need to get back to the mainland. The only way to do so is to build a boat.

Getting those three steps completed well is your "boat".

If you built a boat and it failed/sank immediately in the shallow waters, would you give up and live on the island forever, or retrieve it and try your best, again?

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