VIA HD Audio Deck problem..


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Ok on my sound drivers that was downloaded with ms update as i have completely uninstalled & removed drivers & win7 update downloaded the new one & installed but the problem remains. My default device keeps un-defaulting itself if you get what i mean. My current default is my speakers as you can see from the image ive attached, however at random times for whatever reason its no longer default, nothing is & my sound stops working unless i click default within the software screen you can see from the image & i dont know why.

Its a weird problem & i have given up trying to fix it without asking so here i am.



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I would think the deck is losing its default status because Windows loses the connection or for some reason thinks it is not available.

You can't tie some operation to the problem, like allowing the computer to sleep or removing or plugging some audio input?


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Nup, it happens if i turn off the monitor but leave the system on, put it to sleep, turn off or reboot. I have my monitor hooked up using my HDMI cable to my GPU & when nothing is defaulted my volume icon shows HD HDMI Audio Out. This used to happen before when my sound often defaulted to HDMI out when i turned off my monitor for any amount of time & ive tried to see how to resolve it but i cant remember how i did it or if its related at all.

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