Vid Thumbnails On Xbox 360/PS3

If this is the wrong place for this post forgive me.

I'm having a weird problem. I installed Win7 RC a couple of days ago. I have my Xbox 360 and PS3 configured with WMP12 to stream vids/music/pics.

The video thumbnails aren't showing up at all on the PS3. They used to when I was running WinXP and WMP11. On the Xbox 360, I can only see video thumbnails for H264 mp4's. The rest of the videos (xvid avi's) have a white circle with a slash through them. A cancel like sign that you usually see when the video formats aren't supported or won't play. The video's with the "cancel" sign will play but there are no thumbnails. Only for mp4's like I said.

Is there any fix for this? Is it just a WMP12 bug that needs to be worked out?

I've been reading about an app called Video Thumbnails Maker.
Video Thumbnails Maker

Would this work in getting thumbnails on the 360 and PS3 through WMP12? It's pretty annoying even though the files do play.


I just installed Windows 7 Professional OEM last night. I have the same problem. The thumbnails show up just fine in Windows itself, but they no longer show up on the devices that I stream media to (the PS3, and the XBOX 360). This makes it really difficult to scroll through your videos to find which one you need, because you are going only by the name with no image to help you choose. Previously, I was on Vista and as the original poster said, all thumbnails would show up on the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

For me, this was a very important feature. I'd really like to find a way to get it working again, or at least think that it will be addressed in an upcoming fix.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Has anyone else run across this?

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