Video and audio drivers not working after Windows 7 upgrade

Recently I upgraded my OS from Vista 64 bit to Windows 7 64 bit. With the upgrade my graphics drivers were also updated. The problem is that I'm unable to watch videos or listen to music after about 2 hours of usage. Basically when my computer is turned on it works fine but after a few hours of usage all my video programs crash. I have to continually restart my computer every few hours in order to watch videos and listen to music.

I've been googling for about 2 hours to find a solution, no results thus far.

Please note I thought it was a registry issue at first and I used a registered version of Registry Easy but the problem was not solved. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Any help is appreciated please

I understand you upgraded with 7 Final. To start trouble-shooting, I would:

1. Uninstall video and sound drivers completely
2. Reboot
3. Download latest 7 x64 commpatible drivers
4. Install the latest drivers
5. Reboot
6. Update DirectX

Try these steps and see if it helps, a chance it will. Should you need any download links, let us know.


@ For best practices, it is recommended to clean install 7, NOT upgrade to it.

sound problem with vista

Here is a link to a video tutorial for VISTA USERS on how to activate the stereo mixer, as well as adjust the volume of the microphones and stereo mixer.

Solution for Windows Vista Sound Problem

Many vista users are losing their sound on their computer. usually because of updates. I lose my sound and find a red x over my sound icon. Then I get the error message "no audio output device is installed". So, bellow is a solution for that:

Find the latest version of your driver, download it, uninstall your current driver and install the new one. After uninstalling the driver and reboot it to automatically reinstall it, the audio still may not work. Amazingly though, sometimes after putting the system in hibernate mode and coming back, the audio worked.

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