video / audio issue

OS: Win7 Ultimate
problem: local media files are loaded by player (VLC, WMP, Winamp, Quicktime) but not played.
(during first 2 minutes the computer is on, the file will play for 1-3 seconds then stop)
streamed media displays video, but no audio. (tried multiple streaming sites, all with same result)

the problem came after running windows update yesterday morning, and i have been unable to solve it.

things i have tried:

- updated all drivers
- uninstalled DirectX, Flashplayer, and multiple other softwares, and then reinstalling them.
- uninstalled codecs and reinstalled.
- restore windows to previous system restore point.
- format HD and reinstall Win7 ultimate.

none of the above worked. so im starting to suspect either a hardware error (wich i think is unlikely since the local file IS being played for 1-3 seconds the first 2minutes or so that my computer is on.)

or it can be a virus of some kind? can they at all survive a HD formating ?
and if so, what kinda program should i use to get rid of it ?
have tried AVG and norton 360 without finding anything, also tried CC cleaner without finding anything

One thing you can try is Mediainfo: MediaInfo - Download.

Once you format and reinstall windows the virus will be gone. However, if it was a virus and attacked the media files then the files will be corrupted.

Running mediainfo will tell you if the media file has become corrupted in any way.

Also, if you have a sound card it could be that, since you say that streamed media has no sound. Try reseating the card or removing and using the on-board sound.

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