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    Hi, I have just set up my new system and am having some audio and video problems. The video and audio seem to be out of sync with each other and media files seem to take ages to load up. The problem is particuarly worse with blu-ray playback where the sound makes a loud hissing noise, and on mkv files the audio is out of sync with the video.

    I've downloaded K-lite codec pack and this seemed to help a bit, as firstly I was only getting sound out of one speaker in my 5.1 surround sound setup when playing back video files. I'm now getting sound through all speaker but getting the issues I've stated above.

    The problem only seems to occur in video playback so I'm wondering if its a problem within windows, codec error, or audio driver error.

    I'm currently running my audio through my onboard realtek HD audio suite. My motherboard is a Asus X58 sabertooth and my graphics card is a ATI radeon 4890, and I'm running Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit.

    Any help is really aprreciated and thanks in advance.

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